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Hi i am Nick from Cincinnati OH as of right now i have 4 golden comet chickens, 1 dog (Cass), 1 cat (Cosmo), and 2 horses Chan and Jack. I started with 16 chickens in 2008 and now have 4 chickens. I am hopeing to get some more only 7 this comming spring. I liked the golden comets but i want to try some different breeds. Possibly Austroorp, Deleware, and Suxsex. Right now only have one problem with my chickens right now is that they are eating there eggs!!
Any comments on which type of long laying chickens and how to get my girls to stop laying there eggs would be gratly appresiated.
Hi from Washington State! Egg eaters are not good. Once they tast it it is hard to break them. I have tried golf balls, rocks and wood eggs and have ended up getting rid of the birds. I have Austos and sussex and love them all. Good luck!
from central NY

I must say I am partial to Golden Comets myself
....not sure how to stop them from eating their own
...maybe they are hungry and are hinting at you to scramble some up for them....
Welcome Nick!
I have Delawares and have a huge interest in Sussex as well! I think that some hens are just more prone to being egg eaters as not to be gross abut as some dogs are more prone to eat their own poop. I know that i had an issue but when i routinely collect my eggs twice a day this doenst happen - they dont get a chance to do it i guess,
They are outside all day so they have plenty of food and water. I haved put lots of stuff inside the egg to try to have them stop eatting but i still cant understand why they keep doing it.
Welcome, from Eastern Wa. Egg eating is a bad habit that's hard to break. Sometimes you have to start over. Sorry
Another welcome from Washington

Try keeping the nests dark. I broke mine of egg eating by frequently collecting the eggs, and rearranging the coop, to shake things up. You could always get or make roll-away nests.

Good luck

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