Hello from Colorado


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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
I'm new to raising chickens, I brought them March 1st and we have 6 Rhode Island Reds I first found out about BackYardCkickens.com when I googled Chickens, and I wanted to know about them and which one was right for what we wanted and my husband said the Rhode Island Reds were nice birds he and his family raised some out on the farm me being a city girl didn't know a thing about chickens. And now I love them I like to watch them and see them grow every day they grow just a little bit more and yesterday one of them sat one a perch LOL
I can't wait to see what more they can and will do LOL
I'm retired and I babysit my Grandchildren ( Dominique 4 and Analie 2 ) when they first seen the baby chickens they just looked and wanted to hold them now they just check to make sure their still there.

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