Hello from Columbia , Virginia!


6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
Columbia , Va
My Wife and I just started raising our backyard chickens with a DIY coop and some elbow grease!
We have 3 hens and 1 cockerel. We literally just started so we havent fallen into any practices yet - so please send me all the advice you can! Would love to hear from anyone else in the area as well.

We are also starting our very own fiber farm , We are raising Jersey wooley rabbits as of now but plan to expand that into Cotton , Sheep , and Angora rabbits.
I love everything about our country life and would never give it up !

Thanks !

Welcome to the forum from Jacksonville FL

Love the fiber farm idea - Tried to talk my husband into some alpakas but he wasn't going for it! I knit, so the idea of raising my own fiber for yarn was appealing.

There are a lot of places here to answer all of your questions - don't pre read the emergency stuff - why worry about stuff until you have to - my only advice.

Enjoy your chickens
My wife and I both knit which was why we went the fiber farm route - and its a lot easier to make an income from fiber then from food let me tell you !. But what a satisfying little hobby it is to make something solid from our hard work! Teach your husband to knit and I promise a fiber farm wont be far behind!

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