Hello from Columbus Clime road


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Columbus Ohio
I have two dozen eggs in my incubator that are rhode island red and easter eggers.
I contacted dr. Messier today and am ready to now design a coop.
I don't like all the ridgedness of things, but I plan to do this well anyway, since I am/have been breeding birds for four years.
The only thing that I don't like is taking them all to the vets for an inspection. That could be costly.
I would love to hear how people have dealt with that part.

My name is Terry, I am mom to nine children, four by birth and five adopted. They are all grown up now and four still are at home. Two are seniors next year and one goes off to college.
I love birds and love farming, but since we live in the city, I have always "farmed" indoors. lol.
I have been in small animal husbandry for 25 years and over the years I have learned all the trade with hamsters, guinne pigs, rabbits, mice, rats, bearded dragons, geckos and now birds.
I have enjoyed all of it. I don't do anything large scale. It is not enjoyable to do it that way. I love to give good attention to my birds.
I want to keep six hens at least and will so enjoy all of it, including the fresh eggs.
I look forward to meeting other back yard chicken lovers. Terry
Hi and welcome from Joshua Tree CA

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