Hello, from Connecticut


May 11, 2020
Thompson CT
Hi, I started with chickens about 6 years ago with 6 girls then chicken math took over but never had more than 12 at one time. I have 2 girls left from my first flock and have decide now is a good time to get some more. I’ve had some good luck with my flock throughout the years no real medical issues besides bumble foot that I can remember. I have acquired 4 sizzle chicks from a local farm which I’m thinking I may have 3 Roos in the bunch so I will eventually have to find them homes. And have ordered some chicks from Hoover’s hatchery coming late June. My husband and I are rebuilding our old shed into a coop for the new girls to have more room as I ordered 15. This is my current coop in the picture. New coop will be a 10x12 shed. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself as it’s been a while and I consider myself a newbie as it’s been a while and I’m starting over. I really enjoy this site and have learned so much. 0D993BA0-66B0-419C-9E34-082D1B12DFAA.jpeg 5AA0AE96-7A64-4C19-A9C0-FA0596753C3B.jpeg 0D993BA0-66B0-419C-9E34-082D1B12DFAA.jpeg 9C6642BE-180A-4C49-A1C6-9C8D19EF14C5.jpeg 12CAD178-BA0A-4375-A5EC-A47568C1E872.jpeg 4036535F-27F8-4786-A2AF-E08A5FDA5375.jpeg B853E7C7-900A-4011-94C2-927CF734681E.jpeg


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