Hello from CT!


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9 Years
May 14, 2010
Southern Fairfield County
Hi all! I am a new chicken owner of 8 chicks.
We have had them about a month and they are about 8 weeks now. (except one, who is almost a full month younger. Oops!)
I live in Southwest CT and share my chicken responsibilities with my wonderful boyfriend. I have been reading this site every day and can't thank you all enough for all that I have learned so far. You guys are a fount of experience and information. My contractor Dad has built us a great coop, I can't wait to post pictures once I have painted and landscaped a little. I have a post on the breeds/gender forum with pictures of our babies if anyone wants to take a look and give me their breed/sex guesses. ( I think I'm just hoping someone will tell me I'm crazy and I have 7 pullets and only one handsome Roo. Ha!)

Thanks again for everyone's chicken info, I'm sure I will keep learning something new every day.


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