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Jan 8, 2012
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Hi. I've had chickens for about a year now. I have eight, hence the name. 2 ameraucanas, blue laced Wyandotte, silver Wyandotte, buff Orpington/ blue Wyandotte mix, RIR, 2 bantams OEG? I need some help identifying the breed/gender of the bantams. They are three months old. Will post pics soon. I also have a beautiful chicken friendly long haired dachshund mix, Ari. And a black cat. And a veggie garden. Haha! My best friend got me into chickens as he had had some before we met. I convinced him we should get some and the rest is history.

I learned about the forum through Internet researching. I love posts with pictures and following the threads that chronicle bird development or talk about breeds. In the future I would like to maybe try raising meat birds. Either from my own stock, heirloom, or from a breeder, such as the freedom rangers.

from Ohio
from North MS!!! So glad you joined, this site was a life savor when I started having chickens!! And I have met some of the best people since!!!
muttsfan! your dog looks similar to mine! I'll have to upload a picture. Can i start doing that or do I have to wait 10 posts?

does this work? Here's one of my bantams, Bam.

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