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We are a YOUNG couple in our fifties who have wanted chickens for a long time. We visited the feed store Easter weekend to look at the baby chicks we knew they would have in stock for sale on that day. As we were looking down at the chicks it began to hit me a little bit how much work would be involved in getting a suitable place ready for these little chicks as they matured. I said to my beloved, "Honey, lets not get any chicks." But before the day was over we had talked on the phone to a friend from church and she got us excited about ordering chicks through her supplier and recommended a couple of breeds for us. Before the day was over we had been to the hardware store/lumber yard and had purchased everything we needed to build a starter chicken coop, and we had it mostly built before the end of the weekend. So I guess we are hooked. We will get our Rhode Island Red and Dark Brahma chicks in about two weeks. We cant wait. This is a great websight. I know I will learn much from you all.

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Greetings from Kansas, ChucknWanda, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Sounds like you are enjoying your chicken paradise!

This is our first coup before we added the chicken wire. We have a little hen house we will move beside this and attach a pathway from this into it. Any ideas?
You are indeed a 'young' couple. The Princess and I could be your parents.
Welcome to BYC, and good luck with your flock.

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