Hello from from the Sierra Foothills of California!


6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
Auburn, California
Hi everyone. This is my 6th year having chickens but my first year having ducks and a rooster. Specifically Pekin ducks. 3 hens and a drake. Around here a typical Pekin duck egg goes for $1.50-$4.00 an egg depending on the buyer. Free range chicken eggs are going for $3.75-$6.00 a dozen depending on the size of the eggs.

My first question is I have a chicken hen laying eggs without any shells. They all free and have access to oyster shells mixed with a scratch grain so they will eat them. I typically leave my flock in the coop so that they eat it in the morning for 2 extra hours. So they are free ranged from 10am-7:30pm on my 16 acre horse ranch and organic garden.
Liz has given you good advice
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