hello from gainesville,fl I have chickens and peacocks and I have found BYC very informative, MY Momma peacock would not go broody this year


In the Brooder
Sep 26, 2020
I gave her a nice house where she laid 15
eggs ,I managed to save 7 peachicks by incubating them I am enjoying the little critters but want to make sure they stay healthy after hearing all the bad things the only issues so far are loose stools ( intermittently)and I relate that to to many greens and other vegs they eat high protein diet. I have 4 adults now and 2 ,6 month olds and5 4 months old they go crazy for scrambled eggs, they have their own pen ,which I rake every day and dust the sand with damatious to keep down mites and other bugs this is Mr. personality 20200823_185836.jpg

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