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My name is Cathy and I just purchased a pair of Fawn Duckwing Bantams yesterday. Nice to find a place to get info on caring for them. At the moment they are in a dog exercise pen 4' X 4' X 48" high. I've put some chicken wire on the top. I've also put their waterer on two sets of bricks so they can't scratch and put trash in there and have 2 milk carton crates on top of each other that are on top of a cinderbock to keep them off of the ground. Each have hay in them and hay on the top. Trying to teach them where home is. I'd like to put up a chicken house of sorts adjoining my horse barn for them. I'd like for them to free range during the day and roost (locked up) at night.

I have 3 dogs (2 are registered therapy dogs, two have a couple of AKC obedience titles and I do tracking with two of them.) I also have 4 goats (total pets), a horse and a cat. I found that the lunge whip for the horse has come in handy to let the dogs and cat know that the Bantams are off limits to even LOOK at.

Looking forward to advice and learning information on this site!

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