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Jun 14, 2010
Glad to join you all so that I can learn more about my year old new hobby and passion. Have five Ameraucanas, down from six yesterday. Will post on your predator index to try and figure out who the nefarious killer was. Also have two horses and one consequent broken shoulder (but am healing fine, thank you). Just added six Cayuga duckings last week. One dog, three cats, a husband, two grown children and two grandkids complete the list. I'm a city gal who is loving the country life!
Glad you could join us.
Hi. I am new to the board also. I live in Salem, NY (not Mass.) We raise show dogs and several goats and birds. We have chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea hens, and one silkie (looking for more, LOVE them!!!) on our hobby farm. I, too, have a broken bone (leg, cast comes off tomorrow) due to my own clumsiness (and a rowdy goat!).
Hope you are healing well!
Glad your cast is coming off. What did your goat actually do to you? Will you be getting physical therapy? For me it's definitely been helpful.

I owned a couple of goats years ago and they were a lot of fun. My plan insofar as my reluctant spouse is to try and add one new type of animal every year.

What breed of dogs do you raise? I have a wonderful Portuguese Water Dog, who is a certified therapy dog. We visit the hospital every week.

Last of all, what do you love about Silkies? Do you let your poultry free-range during the day?
The cast came off Wednesday, but I'm still not running any marathons.

I raise Pharaoh Hounds. We have the top show PH's in the Country.
The Silkies are just adorable and my pet Silkie has the sweetest temperments. We don't let her free range, but everyone else does. We have a huge field fenced for the chickens.

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