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    Mar 9, 2017
    Hi all, I've been wanting to get chickens for years and three weeks ago I took the plunge and started my little flock. I have a Wellsummer rooster, a Brahma hen and three Hyline hens. I've ordered a few more, Leghorn, a Maran and two bantams, not sure what breed the bantams are.

    I grew up on a small farm where we had chickens, ducks and at one stage geese and turkeys. That was 25 years ago now though so I don't remember anything about raising them.I intend getting two each of ducks, geese and turkeys in the next while.

    I have a few questions that I'll ask here to save me starting new threads everywhere.

    I have a nice coop for the chickens, what sort of sleeping quarters do the ducks etc. need?

    The other fowl will be kept separate from the chickens except when they're free ranging over the whole garden. Can I keep ducks, geese and turkeys in the same large enclosure? It can be as big as needed but probably 20' x 15' to start.

    When they're all roaming free it'll be in a young orchard with a polytunnel in it, will any of them damage the trees or tunnel?

    Will the chicken pellets do for all of them or do they each need different food? I heard geese will mostly eat grass and they'll have access to a lot of that.

    Do the ducks need a pond?

    Will I need to clip wings? The lowest point when they're out free is only 4 foot.

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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    I only have chickens so I can't answer your questions, but I just wanted to say hi and [​IMG] I'm sure you'll get answers soon though, everyone here is incredibly helpful.

    Enjoy your new flock [​IMG]
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    Dec 12, 2013
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. Great that you have joined us. Like the two responses above, I have no experience on which to offer any advice. The links from NFC will let you cut and paste the pertinent questions for each forum.

    Good luck
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    Greetings and [​IMG]! Pleased you joined our community! Looks like NFC has given you some great research links, leaving me to just say good luck and best wishes! [​IMG]
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    Thank you for joining us at Backyard chickens. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. [​IMG]
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    G’Day from down under DunnoWhatImDoin [​IMG] Welcome!

    Chicken only person here also but as you already have some good starting points, I will just wish you all the best.

    You might want to also pop in and say hello on your local thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/26/where-am-i-where-are-you ‘Find your State’s thread.

    I hope you enjoy being a BYC member. There are lots of friendly and very helpful folks here so not only is it overflowing with useful information it is also a great place to make friends and have some fun.

    If you would like to share pictures and stories of your flock, you have come to the right place. BYC’ers never tire of these and do not back away slowly or commence eye rolling when the photo album or home videos come out [​IMG]

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