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Jan 7, 2012
Hello everyone! We are new to chickens and have just started out with a few Rhode Island Reds (25 LOL) that I got for Christmas. My husband said that most men would be in the "chicken coop" for buying their wives chickens and supplies for Christmas! Not mine. I was so excited when my babies arrived. He did alot of researching before making the purchase, however, we are still learning and would welcome any suggestions! One immediate question I have is this. We are feeding the chicks Manna Pro chick starter. Do we need to add grit or crushed oyster shells as well?
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Welcome to BYC! This is the place to be if you have poultry.
You'll love it here!

Yes, you can add the grit if you'd like. It helps them digest their food (since chickens don't have teeth!
). I'm not sure on the oyster shell... I think maybe you'd wait on that until they are older and closer to laying, since the calcium helps with strong eggshells. But to be honest, I've never fed my girls either one. They free range and never needed any.

Good luck with your new babies and ask any questions you have! Remember: The only stupid question is the one that remains unasked.
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