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Dec 6, 2021
John Baptist Here,
discovered site through Google, looking for answers about guard geese
grew up in rural Uganda with free range chicken + some cows in the 1980s, no chickens at the moment, had 3 turkeys in 2018, one was found dead sitting on her eggs in nearby bush, another was attacked in the night and we had to let go.
4) The simplicity of birds feeding themselves with zero food given to them! will do it again soon although i shall feed them a little
5) I grow some eucalyptus but cleared my 5 acre in May 2020 - didnt like the way it looked, need to plant more + local trees (Musizi - maesopsis eminii), My 2 brothers still have their lots that I helped plant between 2016 and 2020, some looking better than mine did
6) Married 10 yrs, with 3 kids, out of formal employment 3 years now, after company was taken over, not eargerly looking for another job, planning to go into commercial piggery, planted some 5 acres of Hass avocado 3 months ago and interested in planting at least 6 acres of Bananas (sweet plantain) intercropped with vanilla - 2 year target

now off to ask about geese as guard birds

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