Hello from KY & new to chickens!


8 Years
May 25, 2011
I just want to say hello and thank everyone for all of the information I have read so far! I just got my chicks shipped from Meyer this past Wednesday. I had been waiting patiently since March. I now have 15 happy little chicks! I got 3 buff orpingtons, 3 easter eggers, 4 barred rocks, 3 welsummers and 2 wellsummer roosters (my husband wanted the roosters). So far, all is going well. I have two daugters ages 7 and 3 that can hardly keep their little hands out of the brooder! Not to mention I find myself just watching those little chicks fall asleep! I'm sure my husband thinks I'm crazy....

We also have a brittney spaniel, a rabbit, pigeons and my husband will soon be adding a cooper's hawk. And yes, I realize that our collection of critters don't make much sense, but it is very interesting around here to say the least!

I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions, so be ready for me! Thanks!


Too funny! My three year old just asked which chick was called the chicken winger?

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