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8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
Hi, I am new to the group and new at raising chickens. This started out as my son's science fair project of incubating eggs, but I have wanted to raise chickens for eggs for quite a while. Our chicks starting hatching yesterday and currently have have 19 baby chicks. I have a couple of people who want a few of the chickens and then the rest I will plan on keeping for our flock. I have been reading a lot about chickens and am trying to learn all that I can. Currently, I am looking for a coop that I can order that will be roomy enough for 6 to 8 chickens because that is what I think I will end up with. I will have to get a kit because my husband is not one to build things. Any suggestion on coops? I am currently looking on Amazon. I am excited about this new adventure I am starting with my son!
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Welcome from down the road a piece!
You may want to try the Raleigh and Fayetteville craigslist. There are some folks that list on there that make coops and will deliver them to you for a reasonable price. If you order a coop online, you'll get eat up with shipping charges.

Congrats on your new chicks! What breed are they?

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