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Mar 17, 2009
Jersey Shore
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I have been reading everything here for several months but waited to join until I was a new mother hen:
)!!!! Just got 6 Chicks at the feed store. 5 Aracanas and 1 suspected Rhode Island Red. They are about 3 weeks old and adorable.
They are in a large aquarium with a red reptile heat lamp (100 watts). The store recommended straw pellets and pen pals brand chicken feed.. I bought a gallon size water jug thingy and large hanging plastic feeder (not using this yet- put a round low plastic bowl with food for now) so I won't have to buy a larger one - he said they are large enough to use this now. I am so excited, I can't stop watching them! Does everything sound right? Any suggestions?

When I asked which chicks where the Easter Eggers the man at the store didn't know what I was talking about - he said there were aracanas and barred rocks left. I said oh I mean the aracanas. He pointed out which were which, and left for a while. After checking what else I needed I said I'd take the easter eggers and again he was confused. I know from the forum that they probably aren't ??? Can't wait to take pictures and post.


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Mar 16, 2009
Salem County, NJ
yey! congrats on your new chicks. I think I may be getting mine next week!

btw- I am from NJ also-Southern part close to Deleware-WELCOME!
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