Hello from Long Island NY


8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
Hi fellow Chicken enthusiasts. Due to some neighbors getting divorced I am getting 6 Hens (the hens got the worst of the deal as they are homeless)

Luckily I checked with my town and I can have up to 6 hens legally on my property (no roosters allowed)

So being on Long Island where it gets pretty cold over the winter I am moving into high gear on building a coop and run in quick fashion.

I will be posting my plans and progress in the build area.

Mostly I hope to get some eggs and teach the boys 5 and 10 years some responsibility.. I am sure I will do most/all of the work but if I could just get them to feed scraps to the birds it would be a start.

This site rocks and has already answered ton of questions for me!



Chicken Fairy Godmother
8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
Long Island, NY
Welcome from Long Island!! There's a few of us here, I am still finding new things out everyday. We have a link, but I'd be dipped in chickenpoop if I could figure out how to post a thread.... It's Southern NY, Dutchess county and below. Hope to hear from you soon about your new girls, and good luck with them. They are the best pets ever! Roberta from Ridge
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