Hello from Los Angeles! Here to help with bird mites!


Nov 24, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Hi! My wife Jenny and I have been happily keeping chickens for years and one day we brought home a new chicken and the next thing we knew we started itching. Down the rabbit hole we went to discover we had an awful infestation of bird mites. After a tremendous amount of Internet research, we were able to halt the infestation but we learned so much about natural means of fighting infestations that we realized someone needed to make a kit to help people with this.

So that's what we've done! It's called the Get! Out! Bugs Kit (www.getoutbugs.com) and it uses all-natural products to help fight infestations. I'd like to help answer questions to anyone dealing with infestations because while we're happy for you to purchase our kit (it works!), all of the ingredients are straightforward and you may already have them in your home!

Thanks so much and we're happy to be here! backyardchickens.com was very helpful for us in fighting our own infestation.

Otis Funkmeyer
Los Angeles, CA
Get! Out! Bugs
Welcome to Backyard chickens. Once you have 20 posts you can participate in the BYC buy, sell, trade forum. There is a section for "everything else for sale," which would cover your bug products

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