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Sep 2, 2013
My name is Emily and I have had my chickens for one week. I live in Suburbia, near Seattle. I bought a cute coop at Costco, bought a second hand dog kennel to keep it in, and two year old hens from a young man in Enumclaw. The girls are a Golden Sexlink named Madam Bocboc and a Barred Plymouth Rock named Lady Featherbottom. I am enjoying getting to know their habits.

On their first morning, Madam Bocboc flew through the hole in the chicken wire I had installed to cover the kennel. She flew from shed roof to fence rail. I had to sneak into my sleeping neighbor's yard to get her back. I am glad to say she didn't seem worse for wear.

I have two largish dogs that are stressing my new girls more than I like. I wish I could help more with the stress of the dogs. I take them out of leashes to keep them away from the kennel. I don't know if that is why they aren't laying, but I bet it doesn't help. I am hoping that the dogs will soon tire of the spectacle and we can get on with our lives.

I have had one egg a couple of days ago. It was so different than the grocery store eggs that I am familiar with that I didn't eat it. I thought something was wrong with it because it had large white chunks in the white part. I guess that is normal, but it was weird to me.

There is so much to know. I have searches this forum almost daily for information. I found out that cedar shavings are bad, but pine shavings are okay. I found out what normal poop looks like. I found out that laying eggs after a relocation can take some time. I decided I should go ahead and sign up and be part of BYC.
Greetings from Kansas, Emily, and
! Great to have you aboard! Glad you are finding BYC useful. Good luck to you and your birds!
Hello from another newbie in Olympia, WA! I literally just signed up, but have been doing a lot of investigating on BYC over the past few months (actually bought the book first!). We just finished our coop for 4-5 hens this weekend. I hope we can get the run built next weekend & get our first hens moved in within the next couple weeks. We also have dogs, that I'm concerned about stressing out our chickens; a Boxer, English Bulldog, and a small Terrier.
Crossing my fingers! Good luck to you too!!!
Welcome to BYC
I'm afraid as long as the dogs are stressing the hens they are unlikely to lay. They will either need to make peace and stay well away from each other. Hope you get it sorted!

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