Hello from Massachusetts!

Mar 27, 2018
Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Hello Everyone, My partner and I have been following threads on this website for quite a while and have decided to finally join. I grew up raising chickens on a farm, moved to Boston, and moved back to a rural area so I can start again. We currently have 9 Araucana hens, 1 Rhode Island Red hen, 4 Khaki Campbell ducks (1 male - 3 females), and 4 Cukoo Marans. We have our flock in a 30x40 fully enclosed run, and they are able to go into their mansion of a coop which has 4 upper nesting boxes, 3 lower nesting boxes, as well as lots of space to run around and perch for when they don't want to go out in the winter months.

We are active gardeners, bee keepers, working towards a minimalist lifestyle and less waste lifestyle.
Welcome neighbor! I’m in Rhode Island :)

Do you keep your ducks in with your chickens?
Hello! I do, I grew up with that being the case with Pekings and various chicken breeds and never had an issue. The only time it became a problem so far is over the winter when we had bone chilling cold and none of them would leave their coop - having water that didn't freeze or that the ducks wouldn't make a mess with. The ducks are messier with their droppings and water usage and I needed to clean the coop out more often so the hay didn't get wet. That was only when they didn't want to go outside though - we do the deep litter method with hay and it hasn't been an issue with all of them living together.
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Have fun here!

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