Hello from MI


8 Years
Jan 17, 2012
Hello everyone,

I've been researching raising chickens for a while and I'd like to raise a small flock of laying hens. My husband has been researching 'happy, healthy' coop requirements and is looking forward to building our first coop in the spring.

Australorp and Orpington are breeds that currently have my interest.

Some of my hobbies include vegetable gardening, painting ceramics, refinishing furniture, and cooking.

The knowledge on BYC has proved to be an amazing resource. Thank you to BYC and everyone that has taken the time to share your knowledge; it is greatly appreciated.
from south west Michigan. Glad you joined us. This place has been a great place for info for me as well. I just started about a year ago with chicks and we love them. They are so much fun. Nice to see some other people from Michigan.

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