Hello from Mid-MO!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
Hiya! I am the proud new mommy of three chicks (I believe Barred Rock, but they came from a feed store) and a duckling. I have read a lot about raising chicks, because I had always planned on getting them eventually, but I was ill-prepared for these cuties because they were a surprise from my hubby. So I have been spending all of my free time reading about and playing with the adorableness!
Awesome! They're really fun and enjoyable to raise, and being well educated on them is great. I hope you enjoy!
Welcome to BYC.
Glad you joined us!
Thanks Kelsie2299! Just what I was going to look for next. My 'lil duckie Melody doesn't seem to appreciate being left with the chicks ;)
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Welcome to BYC. If your duck turns out to be a drake, it will probably be a good idea to separate it from your chickens.
Oh, yes I read quite a bit about that. There happened to be a lady at the feed store who had sexed ducklings before though, so we are fairly certain it's female, but I am prepared to rehome if I can't make the extra room if not.

Welcome to BYC!

What a wonderful hubby...surprising you with poultry!!! He is a keeper!

Enjoy your new babies...they grow so fast. If you have any other questions, that is what we are here for. Welcome to our flock!

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