Hello from NC!

Young Sauterelle

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Mar 7, 2010
Bull City, North Cackalacky
Hello! I am new to the board and new to keeping chickens. My husband and I have been wanting chickens for years, but we never had a landlord who was as excited as we were about the idea. However, we just bought a little house, and luck would have it that there already was a coop and run! So, yesterday I got myself a pair of chickens: Aunt Bee, a speckled Sussex who is very talkative and curious, and Clara, a buff Oprington who is very friendly and quiet. (My husband's favorite show is the Andy Griffith show, can you tell?) Anyway, I have been quietly reading the forum for a few months in preparation for getting the girls, but I am glad to formally introduce myself now that I am a proud chook owner.
from NC too,
Congrats on getting your first chickens!

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