Hello from NE IL


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Mar 10, 2009
Wow, glad I found this! We have about 20 chickens and want many, many more. We have leghorns, with a rooster, Rhode Island Reds, and plymouth rocks. ALso 2 australorps. On top of all the chickens we have 8 Cayuga ducks, 4 of each, male and female. 1 goat we are trying desperatly to get rid of, 5 dogs, 5 cats, 5 horses, and 7 children.

We really want more chickens and ducks. I can get an inubator at the libraray for 6 weeks. It is a little giant with egg turner. Will get tomorrow.I am pretty sure most of our eggs are fertilized, there isn't any one hen I haven't seen the big guy with:D. I have already learned so much here. One thing is I just love to watch my "girls"! They have the most calming effect on me.

Thanx for looking, Trish in IL

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