Hello from NE Ohio


9 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Hi Everyone!

I am finally going to take the plunge of posting and participating here. I've been around for several months reading as much as I can and drooling over all the wonderful coops in the coop section. I've been pondering and researching chickens for years, but this is going to be the year we finally do it! We've also been gleaning all the wisdom we can from some local friends of ours that have been raising and butchering chickens for a couple years. I am planning like crazy and dh is wondering how he is going to find time to build the chicken mansion and tractor(s) I have planned. LOL Somehow the plans and chick order keep getting bigger...I hear this a common ailment known as "chicken math".

We are a homeschooling family of five from a small town in NE Ohio. Our kiddos are 14yob, 11yob, and 10yog. On the animal front, we presently have one older boxer dog and a very spunky kitten. In addition to our chickens, we plan to add a new boxer puppy to our crew this spring which we've been hoping to do since our faithful male white boxer passed away over a year ago.

We are going to jump in with both feet in regard to the chickens. We'll be getting a batch of meat birds in April (still pondering the type and number-likely something other than Cornish X). Then we will be picking up our 15 layer pullets in early May. We've ordered 3 EE, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Welsummer, 3 Speckled Sussex, 2 SL Wyandotte, and 1 GL Wyandotte.
Can't wait!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here as we begin this adventure!

I home school also, but this is our last year. I don't think I have enough hair left to do High school.

We also are about to take the plunge and get a puppy...puppy-ish... whatever needs us at the pound

I have to send someone else or we'd get them all.

Enjoy your new puppy. Maybe if you get the chicks and pup together you can 'chickenize' it. I think that is a worry. My dogs now do not care at all about the chickens, but how will a new dog do?

enjoy your chicks!
Thanks for the welcome!! It's wonderful to meet up with such a nice group of folks!

Haha. I totally know what you mean. My son is in 9th grade this year and it has definitely been our most challenging year yet!

Maybe there is "doggy math" just like there is "chicken math". Good luck with your new pup as well!
I'm hoping ours will do fine since they'll grow up together. Our neighbors have chickens that free range most of the neighborhood and our current dog(s) never pay any mind to them. The neighbors themselves have boxers and they run around with the chickens all day without incident. Not so much with their chihuahua.
Of course, we intend to treat dogs with chickens the same way we treat dogs with children-always being mindful that they are animals with instincts and impulses and, therefore, appropriate precautions should be in place. We have a nice fenced area where the dogs can be contained anytime we are outdoors so that should help.

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