Hello from NE Oklahoma


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Mar 10, 2011
Hello All! I've spent alot of time reading and finding great tips in this forum. Thanks!! I finally decided to register. I'm a wife, mom to 2 rowdy boys (8 & 4). We spend our days on the family dairy farm and the rest of the time on our own little funny farm. LOL We have a couple horses, about 18 chicks, a duckling, 5 black australorp hens, 2 rir hens, a white leghorn pair, 3 dogs, and it's not surprising if we have a bottle calf or 2 here at any given time. Just depends on what the kids drag home. Ok ok can't blame it all on the kids. Lol During the summer you will find show pigs, goats, calves, and broilers on the place too! No we don't have a shortage on animals around here. (or on the feed bill for that matter!)
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A warm welcome from an imp in Washington.

Have you ever considered getting some animals?

Glad you're joining us


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