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Hello everyone! This forum is incredible! I've been a "lurker" for a bit, reading relevant topics. I have had adult chickens that I purchased as adults in the past. I showed in 4-H during High School--I only did showmanship once and failed epically at the Q&A portion but I've loved chickens ever since! Eventually all those chickens became Opossum fodder and I gave up for a while. But this year I have decided to raise chicks! I've tried in the past as well but only had one White Leghorn make it all the way. Broke my heart when she got eaten :(

I'll go ahead and admit I'm a vegetarian purely because I empathize too much with animals, haha. I don't see anything wrong with eating meat but it's too big of a guilt trip for me :p

So my chicks, if they all live, will be with me until the end of their natural lives. I love them as pets as much as producers.

I have 10 right now but may get a couple more. I have an issue where I want to own every breed that exists in the world, so I have a tendency to check local feedstores obsessively to see if they have anything new in. I live on 8 acres though, so I do have room (yeah, trying to justify it there).

1. Unknown Bantam SR
2. Cochin Bantam SR
3. Cuckoo Maran P
4. Black Minorca P
5. Frizzle Cochin Bantam SR
6. Turken SR
7-10. Production Red P

Really hoping somebody in my group ends up a broody hen, as I would love to have chicks of my own next year.

I do have a question to ask, it's not important enough for me to make a topic about it but maybe someone will answer anyways =)

Are all chickens crazy as chicks? As in will my insane chicks mellow out as they mature or will they be crazy forever? The chickens I got as adults were a varied flock but several of the hens were sweet as can be and I was hoping a few of these guys would end up being pets as well. Right now I've had most of them for 3 weeks and they still run to the opposite end of the brooder when I approach. Is this just a normal chick thing they'll grow out of?

Glad to be meeting everyone!
Some chicks need socialization as much as puppies. When a giant(person) approaches the brooder they run in fear. Especially if they have only seen a Giant hand reach in and pick them up.

You'll do better if you can sit somewhere with them and talk in a soft voice but not touch them. Curiousity will get the better of the bolder ones and eventually they will come over to check you out. Once a chick does something that doesn't kill him, others will follow lead.

The you can start offering some treats- this will fuel their courage. Over time they will be happy to see you.

Don't count them out yet, some if not all, will come around.

PS please check out predator and coops section so you can beef up their quarters to keep the bad guys out. Otherwise you will be replacing birds all the time .
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Welcome to BYC!

Drumstick Diva X2. Chicks are birds that get preyed on. So these new babies are not sure of your intentions and it is natural for them to be afraid of you at first. I handle my babies all the time. Get them out on the kitchen floor, let them wander around, carry them around the house, hold them up to the window, just handle them. Eventually they will realize that you are not out to harm or eat them. But chicks are normally pretty hyper and are movers. As the age, they will slow down. When they reach the teenager years, they can get a bit stand offish. But after they get to laying, they will calm down and even turn into lap sitters. Make sure you spend lots of time with them when they head out to the coop and pretty soon, they will stalk you for the lovin'!! I promise.

Stop by our learning center if you need any tips and hints raising your new babies...


We are so glad you could join. Make yourself at home and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X4 on drumstick diva & TwoCrows, there are several articles in the Learning Center on socializing or raising chicks as pets, and like TwoCrows mentioned, once pullets start laying most of them will become quite a bit friendlier.
Thanks everyone! Here are some current pics of my "flock" =) Julian/Julienne, and Selah are Unknown. MeepMeep is a cockerel, Ivory is probably a cockerel, and everyone else are all pullets.

Everyone in this photo is five weeks old

MeepMeep is five weeks old, everyone else is between 2-4 weeks.

I took the Production Reds, MeepMeep, Julian/Julienne, Ivory, Symphony and Skipper for free-range time today. MeepMeep has become quite tame and bold--is this because he is a rooster? Are they normally quite bold? My past roosters were very skittish, but they were also Leghorns. He is the only one that during free range time comes up to me for treats and to examine/crawl on me. He even lets me pet him. The others will gather quite close around me so long as I do not move, and occasionally step on me if my leg/arm ends up in their way. It's an improvement over being terrified though, so I am really quite pleased :D
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Welcome to BYC! As to the opossum problem, please make sure to predator proof your coop with 1/4 inch hardware cloth (very strong mesh wire) instead of chicken wire, which most animals can break through. Good luck to you!

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