Hello from NJ :)


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Jun 8, 2016
New Jersey
Hi everyone new chicken owner here! As I sit and type I hear one of my potentially 4 BCM roos saying GOOD MORNING lol.
I have been reading much since joining BYC and have learned much! We have 17 (not so little chicks) that we got in May. They are 9 weeks today. There are 5 BCMs, 6 Speckled Sussex and 6 EEs. I'm fairly certain all the EEs are pullets and the Sussex as well. The Marans however...... well it is what it is lol.At least I have one pullet in that lot.
This site has been invaluable I'm so glad I joined!

Here's a pic of 3 of our roos. Buddy, Fred and Red. Love this site!! :)
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