Hello From North Carolina


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Central, N.C.
Hello, My name is Marty. I have been a Chicken Nut all of my 47 years. Since 92' I've had anywhere from a dozen chickens to over a thousand at one time. It's a wonder I'm still Married.

I've been lurking around this site for about a month now and decided to be with others that share my addiction. I've learned some things here and I hope maybe I can share things I've learned over the years.

About 4 months ago I made an incubator out of a wine cooler. I've had 4 100% hatch rates from this little machine. I will be posting it later on my BYC page, with some information about it.

I look foward to being a part of this site. Seems like some really nice, and some really knowledgeable people here.

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