Hello from North east maryland...


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9 Years
Jun 25, 2010
Hi All,

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say "Hi"! I've been a lurker for a short while and this seems like such a helpful and friendly place

I've had chickens for about 12 years now...Buff Orpington and Silver Laced Wyandottes and now I have a Cuckoo Maran rooster that I adore (so sweet and mild mannered). The Buffs have proven to be my favorite year after year, but now I'm excited to be adding about 15 Golden Laced Wyandottes this Spring. I'm also adding six Pilgrim geese (yahoo)!! to our menagerie of 11 goats, 2 English Shepherds, chickens and a chinchilla....

Nice to meet you all,


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