Hello from North Georgia


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8 Years
Jan 1, 2012
I have been lurking around the site for about a month and decided to join today. Both my wife and I grew up with chickens and now that the kids are all grown and gone we have decided to get us some chicks. I started construction on the coop and run today, the coop is going to be about 5ftX8ft and the run about 12ftX12ft. I will try to post pics as I go. We have decided on Rhode Island Reds and hope to have around 10 hens, no rooster to start with.

We live in North Georgia, just outside of Calhoun and will be looking for chicks soon. Does anyone have any suggestion on where to buy RIR in NGa?
from Long Island!
Welcome!! I'm over in Suches. Don't know anyone to get RIRs from up here but there's bound to be someone. Hope you get some replies. You might post on the Yo Georgians! thread. It's under "Where Am I? Where are You?"

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