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Aug 23, 2013
NW Pennsylvania
Hi everyone. We've had our chickens for over a year now and just love this website. So much information is shared and it has really helped us and our chickens. We have 15 now...started with 7.
4 red sex links....Ingrid, Little Debbie, Zelda and Robin
1 barred plymouth rock...Charlotte
1 white plymouth rock....June
1 gold laced Wyandotte....Ivanka
1 buckeye...Gretchen
1 Jersey giant....Big Bertha
1 partridge plymouth rock rooster.....Thor
2 white leghorns.....Pixie and Prissy (who got picked on so bad we had to get them their own house. I found Pixie almost dead - she had been scalped - and Prissy almost lost an eye)
And finally 3 baby chicks that Mama Zelda just hatched and we haven't named because we have no idea if they're male or female

Welcome to BYC
You have a nice looking flock and those chicks, awww. Got to love a mom and chicks!
Thanks everyone. Hey Cats - we're in Crawford county so we're pretty close! We moved here from the Philly/NJ area where we had no land and no chickens. We're loving it here. We're on 8.5 acres and they get to free range. Even though it seems they prefer to be pooping on the porch or in the neighbors yard.
Welcome from College Station, Texas. Glad to hear you name your chickens. We name ours too. They almost all get girls' names, but don't seem to care. The handsome rooster, which we share with the neighbors, is Fancy Nancy. In our first batch of "female" chicks, Hazel turned out to be a boy.

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