Hello from Ohio


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9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
I am excited to join the forum. I just started with chickens this past spring and I am in LOVE! I started with 4 white leghorns that ended up being 2 hens and 2 roosters. Then I started my love for silkies! I have 4 hens and 1 rooster that gave me 31 babies! It has been a real joy raising chickens and I look forward to talking with others who enjoy chickens!
Welcome fellow Ohioan! Isn't having poultry fun? I started last year and could not imagine having atleast a few!

I'm from Ohio originally! All my family still lives there. Welcome to BYC -- Be careful...you will learning exciting things like chicken math here and soon you will be getting up an hour early --in the dark--just to check in! Enjoy your chickies!
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