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Jun 1, 2017
Hi everyone! My name is Carol and I started my backyard flock a little over a year ago (I've been a lurker for awhile!). I've currently got 6 hens (5 black sex links and 1 buff cochin) and 1 buff cochin rooster who's a bit of a jerk (ok, he's a BIG jerk but he's my big jerk! lol) And we've decided to add to our flock by purchasing 6 Rhode Island Red pullets who are just a few weeks old. We also had a hen hatch 1 egg just a couple days ago (I was SO excited when I peeked in and saw its little head poke out from under mom!!)

I look forward to meeting tons of other chicken lovers and learning as much as I possibly can!!
:welcome I am from Oklahoma too Claremore specifically (Tulsa area) anyway I hope you like it here I currently have a broody too
Hi! We"re in Wanette which is SW of Shawnee and NE of Purcell (and if you blink you'll miss it! lol) Did you separate your broody from the rest of the flock? We did this time but I think we'll leave the next broody with full access to the flock and see what happens.
Ours got up pretty much only for food and water. She was in the same coop with the flock just in an area that we fenced off with chicken wire so they couldn't get to each other.

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