Hello from Olympia Washington


6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
I have been a visitor to the site for about a year now and we are finally getting serious about building our own coop and getting a handful of hens. We are currently taking care of our neighbors while they are out of town, which I think has helped my husband to want them as well! I have wanted chickens for a long as we used to have them when I was a kid.

I am very thankful to everyone who posts their coops, ideas, suggestions, all the helpful information you find on here.

Have a great day!!!
Hi! I registered on here a long while back too, and have just started focusing on chickens since my son is in poultry 4H (we've had them for many years but now we're getting more into breeding projects and showing).
We live in Port Orchard Washington, so less than an hour away from you!
Good to see someone else in this area. :D

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