Hello from Ontario


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Hello fellow poultry peeps! I absolutely love this site - so incredibly informative. I have finally come out of lurking, which admittedly has been for almost 2 years!! You have all helped me through so much with regards to beginning my chicken hobby. I began with 4 ready-to-lay red sex-link hens in April 2012 and it has continued on from there. I now have 5 hens... after one of my originals became egg-bound and subsequently died mid-summer shortly after I got her, I ordered 2 more pullet day-old chicks that I raised to add to my laying flock. How fun are chicks, eh?!
((ha ha - notice how I inserted the good ol' Canadian-'eh' tag ;) ) I also adopted an 8 week old Brahma banty baby roo at around that time to help keep my hens safe from predators as they free range our country property. He does a good job, but he's prettier than he is personable. I was hoping for a friendlier-to-people bird, but at least he's not aggressive.
I also do my own meat chickens, Cornish x. I am currently on my fourth batch; I do a spring and a fall batch. My current babies are 5 days old and growing like weeds. Tonight for dinner is a nice 7 pounder from my last batch! Ha!
So that is me in a nutshell. Oh, I am happily married with 2 young boys - 7 & 5, but they're not as important as my birds!!

Looking forward to chatting with all of you experts. I was a Vet-tech in my previous life, but with having worked only on the companion animal side of things, I can only do so much with that. I am getting my poultry education online through reliable resources like BYC.com and YouTube
Thanks for the warm welcomes
I also wanted to add that I have a question regarding one of my hens. If you could kindly read my other post and give me some opinions, I would truly appreciate it! Thanks

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