Hello from PA!


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Hi there! My name is Malissa. We live in the Reading/Allentown PA area. Rural, however, ordinances say we need 3 acres for 'livestock and poultry' and we have just over 1. Spoke with authorities and was told that if the neighbor's don't complain, they don't care. Our neighbor's are Mennonite, so not only won't they care...they will probably get some too or at least help us with ours when we go away! I am researching coop designs, combing craigslist for free cheap already made coops and deciding what breed (s) to try (easter eggers are winning and/or Rhode Island Reds). We have afew months to get everything ready before chick season. Also trying to figure out where we can get afew chicks. I was thinking no more than 5 birds...but wanted to see if I should start with afew more chicks in case we lose any? Any advice on that would be appreciated! I hope to transform the chicken coop area into a nice spot for the chickens and the kids and i will plant a chicken garden full of things they will love to eat! The kids are super excited and my favorite childhood memory is checking for eggs at my grandparents house! (minus the rooster who used to chase my brother up a tree...I never heard my Grandfather laugh so hard!)

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