Hello from PA.


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Fannettsburg, Pa
Hello to everyone, I am a new to Pa a Georgian transplant and Just got married yesterday! We live on a small 2.5 acre lot and I have recently fallen in love with chickens. They remind me of back home. I have a small flock, 2 RIR 3 Long Horns we rescued that came with a cream colored Silike chick and what seems to be a Welsummer ( we are waiting to see if it is a hen or a rooster ) I also have 9 Easter eggers and 6 Americana chicks. My husband built me a beautiful what I like to call a chicken condo and will be painting it pink soon. I wake up every morning all excited to see what new things there up to greeting the with good morning girls. There so silly and make me laugh. I look forward to learning allot from here and am very grateful for a site I can come to for inspiration and guidance.

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