Hello from PNW - it’s been a while


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
Over the past number of years I’ve had about 45 chickens running around. No predictor issues for years. I was hit with a trifecta over a year ago with 2 female raccoons that moved into the barn and had kits, new home builder cleared brush and displaced his coyote pack and a Bald Eagle hit me and two other farms.

I took a year break to trap the ones I could. Run off the coyotes and with no birds convince the Bald Eagle nothing to see here. Starting over I have 4 Cream Legbars laying well. Just brought home Rhode Island Reds nobody seemed interested in at the store. It’s been really cold here so sales seemed to slow down. The 4 week old peeps are feathering well and moving soon out of the family room :)


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