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I just registered for the forum. I have two chicken that I belive to be Easter Eggers.

They are right about 6 months old. The one with the brown head has been laying an egg daily for the last week. The one with the black head has been laying an egg with only a thin membrane every third or fourth day for a week or so. Today I checked for eggs at about 10
:30AM and found nothing. About thirty minutes later I observed the one with the brown head on the nest. About an hour later I checked the nest and found two eggs, a small one and a large one. At about 8:30 PM I found another egg that just had a thin membrane. Is it possible that the one with the brown head laid two eggs at the same time this morning, or did the one with the black head lay a good egg and later laid one with no shell?
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Chickens can lay two eggs in a day on occasion. Young pullets are also known to lay abnormal eggs while they work out the kinks in their reproductive systems. I'm sorry I can give better info from personal experience. Try searching "egg problems" or "no shell" in the search box.
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One of my chickens laid 2 softshelled eggs at once, so I would guess the 2 eggs came from the same hen. If they just started laying it takes awhile to work out the kinks sometimes. Just make sure they have calcium like oyster shell available.
I started them on the oyster shell saturday. I was just wondering if the one hen could have laid two eggs seemingly at once. If so I am proud of my girl!

I had a friend that said there was no way that one hen laid two eggs.
I want to say that this seems to be an awesome forum. I can't belive how fast a response came on the post I made.
I have been geting an egg a day for about a week and a half. Since the one han started laying (I have observed this one on the nest many times). Every two to three days I have found an egg with no shell, which I have figured was from the other chicken, out in the yard. Could the one have laid both eggs?
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