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Jun 16, 2022
I am an RN who now has 14 chickens. 4 are Easter eggers, 4 are the gold sex links, 2 are black sex traits, 2 are black leghorn, and 2 are black Australians.

1 of the Easter Eggers is not an egger, but an Easter-Roo (thanks to the identification skills of this group). My landlord said we could not have a rooster, so not sure what his fate will be, but he lets me hold him and he is the bravest and friendliest of the chickens.

My boyfriend built the coop with pallet wood. We have since added perches for them. He will be adding on nesting boxes. It is a work in progress.

We have fans and they are out of the coop during the day. Also, the day highs here barely reach 70, night is about 50.

What do you recommend in regards to ventilation? We can add to the coop.
You need at least one square foot of ventilation per chicken. When they breath, they create a lot of humidity.
You'll need 3 square foot of floor space per each chicken also, not including nest space. They need about a foot each on the roosts.
For the run, the rule of thumb is 10sq ft per chicken, but bigger is better.

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