Aug 8, 2020
My name is GGjo55 I have a total of 45 chickens some Grey warhorses ,some Acels,minor blues ,Americans,black warhorses I also have a beagle named Bob,a little mix mutt named Shug-a-boog,and a solid black cat named Fred. I started getting into chickens about 7yrs ago my boyfriend at the time but husband now had some minor blues and Acels running around his yard .So I started to feeding them and I started noticing all their different personalities .then I woke up one morning to a front yard full of chickens .I thought that my bf had went and got me a bunch of chickens...but nope he didn't he said don't feed them and they will go back from where ever they came from I said ok two weeks later I'm going to TSC to get 100lbs of feed cause they never left and the rest is still to come loving this life gardening ,canning,and learning something new everyday.just I will say this to all new mom's and dads U CANT stop your 🐓 from fighting you have to keep them separate I learned the hard way lost 7 in one day ,not a good feeling

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