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  1. sandmansf

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    Apr 18, 2011
    I am new and I don't have any chickens yet. I have really wanted to get some for a while now. The kids are totally on board and love them. I just need to convince my wife now. One of her concerns is that the chickens will poop all over the yard or at least in the space they are in. And if we move them, they will poop all over that place until there is no place left where it is safe to sit in the grass. On the plus side, I'm guessing they'll eat all the ants that are in the grass during the summer. My wife is also concerned:
    - that they will take a lot of time to take care of
    - they/theur coop will smell
    - they will cost more than the eggs they produce (I find this hard ot believe since we buy organic free range eggs. Have you seen the price of organic free range eggs?) [​IMG]

    I realize that many of those concerns can be answered as I start exploring the website. [​IMG]

    Ironically, my wife introduced me to this website. :p

    Most of my other hobbies have fallen by the wayside since we had kids but when I have time I like to cook, brew beer, and now I am gardening too. [​IMG]

    We have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and no other pets at the moment. The last pets we had were some little budgies. I am a packaging engineer if you've ever heard of that before. My wife and I are homeschooling although we're only just starting since our kids are so young.

    I am looking forward to learning and sharing. Thanks.


  2. Cats Critters

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    [​IMG] I'm glad you found us!
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    Jul 9, 2010
    Delaware, Arkansas
    Welcome and keep reading...you will find all the reasons to get those chickens!

  4. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Mansfield, MO
    welcome from Missouri! You will not make a profit raising chickens. [​IMG] but you can't beat those fresh eggs! Yep they will poop in the grass but that grass will grow soooo green. You can hand feed them, have them come jump into your lap when you are out in the yard for some petting. I know, raising chickens is very hard [​IMG] I can fill my feeders inside the coop and make sure they have fresh water every day and then I can go about my business..even if it takes all day. I have a watch dog that keeps everything off the property so no need to worry about daytime predators,,,they seem to stay safe from the hawks, too. Mine free range everyday and are locked up in the coop each night.

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    Oct 8, 2009
    [​IMG] from Kansas. Do you buy your eggs at the store, You might be surprised to find out that organic free range eggs at the store just means that they are free ranged in a building feed organic feed. I love my chickens and I don't think they take any time at all to care for. I have a feeder I fill once a week, a water that I do clean and check daily. I clean the coop about once a week. I love giving them treats. Their poop is so great for growing things. I think if you move them around in a tractor that the poop break down so fast with water you won't even know its there if she is worried just make a pen to keep them in one area and make a salad bar for them its a raised bed with grass in it with wire of the top so they can eat the grass and not scratch all the grass away. The do eat bugs worms even mice and snakes. If you have good drainage or use sand and DE the coop pen should not smell at all I use straw in my coop with some DE to help dry out the poop I throw in some new straw once a week and clean it out every couple of weeks except in the summer I do clean it out once a week. I hope this helps.
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    Feb 5, 2010
    Garrison, MN
    Hello! Welcome from MN!!! [​IMG]

    I agree with the suggestion of making a pen for them to stay in - that's what we've done with ours. For the smell, we rake ours out every once in a while and lay down more sand/dirt. We haven't done it since last FALL and they still don't stink! I think chickens are one of the easiest to take care of, personally. My rabbits take a lot more time but the chickens, for big stuff, is only twice a year. Once in the spring to change out their bedding and once in the fall to change out bedding. That's also when we worm. Otherwise, it's just giving them food and water once in awhile - and of course their treats!

    As for the price, they're well worth keeping even if they were just a tiny bit more.. but I really don't think they're that much more if you're buying organic eggs to begin with those prices are crazy! [​IMG] If your wife could get a taste of a fresh backyard egg she wouldn't think twice about getting a few chickens [​IMG]
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    Aug 3, 2007
    Oberlin, OH
    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio. So glad you joined. Very good advice given. [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC.
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    Mar 7, 2011
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    Welcome, so glad you joined! So many things to look and learn at here. [​IMG] [​IMG] from texas

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    On the Farm!
    Welcome [​IMG]

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