Hello from Sedona Arizona :)


May 24, 2020
Hello friends! We just moved into our first home 3 months ago and are excited to finally start hosting chicken friends/pets in our yard :)

Yes, it is covid times now but I promise we were going to homestead even before the covid stuff started! Just so happens that we moved into the first house we’ve ever purchased right as this all was starting 😂 (and bought at the top of the market, yayyy 😂😂)

We don’t have any chickens yet but I am excited to do all of the research and learning I can to find the best breeds for our family. I just started building the coop yesterday during my baby’s nap time and can’t wait to finish so we can feel comfortable getting some birds once their home is ready.

We are looking forward to adding to our family and also looking forward to our kids experiencing life with chickens! One of my kids is allergic to eggs so I’m hoping that by having chickens around his allergy lessens or disappears over time :)

I am a student midwife by trade - which for those not familiar means I am a woman who sits with women who choose to give birth at home, and help if that ends up being necessary. I am obsessed with all things (human) birth-related! :)

My husband is the yang to my yin and trades stocks and manages others’ assets by trading for them.

We currently have two kids - a girl who is 3.5 and a boy who is almost one - and will hopefully have more in the future. 🤗 We also have two dogs who are 8 years old. We are hoping to allow our hens to range free in our enclosed back yard.

I found BYC via the Farmers Almanac site while researching for chickens. I used the “small coop” thread to find the general idea for our coop we are building and am excited to also find more info on chicken breeds best for this type of weather.

Looking forward to learning more and experiencing the community here! I’ll post a photo of our coop build so far too :)


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