Hatching Eggs & Raising Chickens

Hatching baby chicks from eggs is an exciting and rewarding process. Learn how to incubate eggs, take care of hatchlings, and properly care for brand new fluffy chicks.

From a goopy egg to a fuzzy-breathing live (and adorable) baby chick in just 21 days? Learn more about this amazing process!
You're the proud owner of a little "fuzz-butt"... now what do you do to keep it warm, happy, and healthy?
Should you assist a hatching chick or not? Anxiety at this stage is tremendous for the first timer and they can quickly misinterpret the well being of their chicks and prematurely intervene with...
A complete guide to everything "incubation and hatching" including handling shipped eggs.
CANDLING PICS: Progression Through Incubation

Thanks to ZooMummzy, I am doing a test run of my little plywood bator and her little rooster! And I'll be sharing pics!...
A broody hen is the absolute best way to hatch chicks for you and your flock. She will do all the work, she’ll have a better hatch rate than you ever will, and, best of all, no stinky brooders to...
Raising your baby chicks - A quick, short, instructional guide
A step-by-step guide to making your own egg candler
I now incubate fewer eggs each year and have more chicks that I did when I was incubating several hundred each year for myself, though most of what I hatch today is for other people.
Socializing with baby chicks to get friendly hens and roosters.
This is the age old question of most new comers and even some experienced chicken owners: Is my chick/chicken a pullet/hen or a cockerel/cock? I will compile a few tips along with pics to try and...
If you do indeed win (or, rather, lose) the chicken lottery and end up with a cockerel (a male chicken under a year old) on your hands, what do you do?
I notice a lot of people post looking for help and advice with their broody girls, so I'm creating this page in hopes of helping people enjoy their experiences with their broodies.
The Henthusiasts' Still-Air Styrofoam Incubation Cheat-Sheet
I know many people have accomplished these things with their chickens, so this is mainly for the people who are relatively new to chickens. I have completed all these levels myself with at least...

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