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May 17, 2012
I've owned many animals over the course of my life, but this is the first time that I've hatched chickens! I have an incubator full of eggs from my friend's farm. I'm not 100% sure my husband is going to let my daughter and I keep them, but I thought I'd join this site and get as much info as I can just in case! If not, then they already have a home back on my friend's farm where she has a few broody hens that we timed their hatch with ours.

We live in a residential area and have plenty of options for chicken coops, including my daughter's playhouse that can easily be converted.

I'm off to read all I can before the chicks hatch in 18 days!

Get hubby involved, especially on hatching day...

He'll be at work when they hatch! I wish I would've planned that better. Haha! They will be all cute and fuzzy by the time he gets home, though. ;) We may do another hatch after this one because we are leaving on vacation and may have to give these chicks back to my friend while we are gone. I want to be able to socialize a lot with them and we will be gone for week 3 and 4. We do have a friend staying here who is experienced in raising chicks, so we'll see. :)

Thanks for the warm welcome. :D
Hello and :welcome

Best of luck with your hatch! It would be so awesome if you got to keep the chicks.
We were away on holiday for a couple of weeks when the chicks were still young, and the transformation when we got back was astounding. I could barely recognise them as the same chickens :gig

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site :D

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