Hello from Sonoma County!


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May 15, 2012
Petaluma, CA
My name is Aliana and I live in Sonoma County, California on my family's 100 acre ranch.
We love chickens, we have 19 baby chicks right now who are almost 2 weeks and younger.
I've also got a handful of hens and 1 Barnevelder rooster in our coop right now (+ 2 ducks who think they are chickens as well haha).

Looking for chicken friends of all kinds

(the Dog-Chicken hybrid photo stands for my little Chihuahua. She loves the baby chicks and acts like they're hers. Some of them follow her around)
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Welcome! I'm from Sebastopol, just up the road

I have 4 hens in my backyard which I originally inherited, but I'm now a confirmed chickenphile. I would really like to get to know local chicken people for when I have local questions.

Again, I'm happy to see you here on BYC - a really good site.

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