Hello from Southwestern Ontario-London area


10 Years
Apr 26, 2009
Hi everyone,

I've been lurking here for some months and have enjoyed this site very much. We are on a small hobby farm property outside of London, Ontario, surrounded by Cash crop and cattle fields.

My assortment of animals are as follows; I have 5, 3-4 year old chickens I ordered from Frey's in 2006, they are: One Barred Rock Rooster- Moe, and two Harco Sex Link, (stupid and unnamed) one Columbian Rock X Red (Lace) and two barred rock hens (Pip & Meanie) 5 barn cats in which all are black except for Marble, our calico, and two English Shepherds, Gyp and Sandie. We are dog breeders and chicken fanciers.

I'd like to get more heritage chickens, but I'm really happy with the little group I have now.
We have two children ages 10 & 11 and my DH is very handy when it comes to adding chicken coops.

I really like chickens...

Barbara Brown
AAC Registrar
[email protected]
Farm's Pride English Shepherds

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